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Welcome to Games Empire Online - Our Goal is to hand you an unlimited resource for all your Gaming needs....                While your here make sure to Visit our V.I.P Games channel.....   There support makes it possible for the GEO team to expand this Games Community so please return the support by visiting there excellent games... You might even find a something of great interest there...    We offer an awesome range of  resources here with much more coming soon...  these gaming resources consist of :  Games Directory constantly being updated with fresh new games  GEO GAMES These are a series of games made by us and as we expand so will our Games we plan to go into 3d production by next year but for now support these games as this will help us build bigger and better games....   GEO MINI GAMES We have Thousands of Mini Online Flash games for you to check out and there constanly growing....   Do you remember DOOM 3d? Or Sonic for sega? We have them there Plus tons of new games check it out....  GEO Online Magazine Subscribe today for our Monthly Online Magazine full to the brim with the latest online Games and games in the making as well reviews guides hints & Tips Mod downloads and much more its a must for any serious gamer....  GEO Games Forum  Join our Games Forum for game discussions and share your views on whats out there....  Live Chat  Chat live with other gamers.... Coming soon voice communication and command centre but shhh on that one for now  (told you this site will expand beyond anything else on the net... Just help by showing your support and bookmark us ).....  GEO for  DEVELOPERS Own a Game? Or do you Want to?....  Visit our Developers Channel section GEO has a wide range of services to Help....  We have Advertisement packages to build your traffic as well... SEO (search engine optimization)...  Hosting Plans and even Full ready to go Games and game scripts for Sale................    Wow you still here Thank you for your attention we told you we had alot to offer and there is much more to come....  Coming soon My Game... this will be a video section where you will be able to post your own game videos....  Voice command Centre.... why use your hands when you need them for gaming.... GEO IM: we will be making a community Instant messaging service as well live Talk for while your busy in Game....... Plus so much more Show your support by bookmarking this site and Hang around cause this is going to be massive........                          
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